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My personal style is…eclectic. I love candid shots, macro, portraits of children, landscapes and everything in between. I can not narrow it down to one specific style or type of photography that I love. I love everything; it just depends on what strikes me at the moment.

My camera is an extension of my mind and imagination, it captures moments that I can look back on and reflect. In my opinion photos should invoke a mood or feeling.  It can be positive or negative, reflective or thought provoking.  If you love what you do it shines through, no matter what your job is.
love*imagery*passion* fascination*art

So be inspired, be provoked and enjoy.  I appreciate your visit.


Profile photo by:  Edwige Damron Photography


  • Edwige Damron January 24, 2012 Reply

    Awesome site! And thank you so much for the photo and my name!!! 🙂

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